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Private Yoga Training

Rachel Moncayo maintains over 20 years of Holistic Fitness & Mindfulness lifestyle education and practice. An RYT certified Yoga Instructor, Rachel certified through YogaWorks: a highly respected Yoga Alliance 5-star rated accredited training school recognized globally. In addition to Yoga, Rachel has studied and certified in other functional exercise and mind/body modalities: she is TRX certified, Egoscue Method trained and Reiki Level 1 certified.  

Clients come to Rachel seeking everything from more flexibility to less post-surgery or injury pain, to more energy and wellbeing.  Leveraging her deep understanding of stress, functional exercise principles, anatomy, alignment and energy flow, she develops customized programs to fit each client’s lifestyle and uniquely address their individual needs and preferences. Rachel’s yoga experience, extensive background in Education and engaging personality allow her to connect powerfully with her clients, affect deep learning of concepts and improve their physical conditions and quality of life.  Articles written by Rachel for local/national wellness organizations. Published : Well Atl and  My Yoga Scene                                                     Athletic Yoga Video 


Benefits of Athletic Yoga:

  • Build strength, increase flexibility and focus
  • Detoxify organs
  • Improve spinal health
  • Oxygenates organs
  • Release stress and tension
  • Promotes better execution and results in other fitness and athletic endeavors as a result of enhanced spinal mobility and breath work

Functional & Energizing:

Yoga practice involves movement and breath that create space inside the body to replenish energy, detoxify and achieve toning, improve circulation, flexibility, and balance.  These benefits replenish the depletion incurred during more rigorous Functional training practices, raise energy, improve clarity and as a result help avoid injury and improve every day movement and athletic performance.

Summary of whole body benefits of Yoga – in plain English!

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