TRX Circuit

TRX Circuit

North Atlanta TRX Circuit classes.

The TRX suspension trainer leverages your own body-weight and applies functional compound movements to efficiently and safely deliver total body benefits. Easy to learn, accessible to all levels, highly effective and fun, the TRX builds strength, flexibility, muscular endurance, core stability and balance. Learn more about: Suspension Training: Why it Works! And find out why TRX was voted the ”Best Total Body Tool” by Men’s Health Magazine
TRX Group Fitness Classes:
TRX Circuit – a balanced mix of cardio and strength intensive intervals
TRX Strength & Mobility – a strength and flexibility-focused class, with minimal and only low impact cardio
TRX HIIT – a mix of high intensity cardio intervals on/off the TRX and slow strength intervals Our Personal Trainers also use the TRX as part of client-customized programing.


Benefits of TRX Circuit

  • Minimizes your workout time by training your entire body simultaneously
  • Strengthens your core rapidly
  • Adapts to all levels - allowing you to increase/decrease difficulty based on your own body weight and angle assumed for movements
  • Improves your sports performance
  • Provides Cardio Vascular benefits
  • Delivers authentic strength not bulk
  • Helps rehabilitate from injury

Functional Class: 

TRX Exercises deliver on all key areas of functional movements - movements that establish a strong foundation for balance and injury prevention, and maximize the extensive range of motion of the body. TRX exercises target strength and flexibility along the spine by always engaging core strength and delivering movement in multiple planes of motion (front back, side/ side and rotational). Multiple muscle groups are recruited during any given exercise, ensuring a total body workout while strengthening coordination and mind engagement.