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Suspension Training is a system made up of ropes and webbing that allow users to work against their own body weight. Suspension Exercises using the body’s own weight have existed for hundreds of years, and been leveraged by athletes throughout the world for their effectiveness in delivering whole body benefits.

The concept and health generating implications of a training system that delivers “whole body” benefits is the reason why so many are trying and then sticking with suspension training.

Do it all!

Generally speaking the fact that a type of training or tool delivers “whole body” benefits instantly implies the potential for a well-rounded workout. But what is the value of this? Many of us at some time or another have been in a pattern of doing just one type of workout for our physical conditioning. After a while we plateau and stop seeing or feeling results, and begin to realize, sometimes as a result of injury…that we have other areas of our bodies that are weak because they have not been getting our attention. As we evolve in our fitness lifestyle we begin to realize that our body parts function “in concert”, rather than independently from each other. And as we age we begin to realize that those parts of our body that move together, only function for us effectively when they can move in different ways/planes (side to side, front and back and rotationally). Why? Well, because this is how we “move” during our daily activity outside of the studio when we’re not “working out”!

Do it all at once!

Suspension training offers a huge health benefit because it is a form of resistance training that includes body weight exercises that invariably will engage several parts of your body simultaneously (compound exercise movements), and with suspension training you automatically perform movements in multiple planes. In order to perform movements in multiple planes our body’s center – our core, needs to be engaged. Suspension based training engages and strengthens the core in every exercise. As a result, a single suspension training exercise can simultaneously help you develop strength, balance, flexibility, and joint stability.

Do it in less time!

So what happens when you pack all of these elements into a single exercise? You guessed it! We can get more done in less time! As if the health benefits aren’t appealing enough, we come to realize that with suspension training we can work out more efficiently and get the results we need to both look good and be healthier! For those of us who want to be fit and work toward a healthy lifestyle but are short on time, this is a HUGE benefit!

Do it at Brookhaven Fitness Studio with TRX!

At our studio you can experience suspension training at its best: with TRX. Our TRX Circuit and TRX Core classes are taught by TRX certified instructors who are trained to help you perform over 300 exercises. Our 45 minute classes are jam-packed with moves to address your whole body. Best of all: you do not need to have any prior experience in anything like this to begin taking our classes! The TRX trainer is easy to learn and since you can modify resistance by adjusting your body position, you can easily customize a workout to your fitness level and progress at your own pace. So take a step toward improving your overall health and give TRX a try! View schedule on line. Sign up online in advance as space is limited!