Time to “Work In”!

Hope you have been enjoying the summer!  Many of you may have taken the opportunity to go on vacation, enjoy family time and more.

Speaking of vacation, I recently had a conversation with a client about how nice our family vacations were….how we had a chance to spend time with our kids and actually enjoy that time in a different and more special than usual way.  Why?  Possibly, we both agreed, because on vacation we put aside all of our busy thoughts, many tasks, etc…and focused specifically and solely on vacationing (for the most part anyway…right?).  So when you engage with your family or friends at the beach or mountains or anywhere while vacationing, you are actually  taking in that experience a bit more vividly…absorbing more of the value and beauty of it in ways you normally wouldn’t during your busy everyday life.  You are more present.  Ever notice how when you look through your vacation pictures you look better, healthier?  That’s because you gave your busy mind a rest, and this does support your health!  

Sadly, we can’t go on vacation often enough.   There is however a great alternative:  close your eyes while savoring a glass of wine and a luscious piece of dark chocolate.  Just kidding!!  Well…this can be an occasional indulgence to help “transport” us away from our busy lives.  After all, if you close your eyes and focus on just that one thing, you are already resting your mind from the constant juggling chatter.   Bet you already know where I’m going with this…?  Meditation - it helps us get on “vacation mode” every day, improve moods, gain clarity for better thinking, garner more energy (for more intense workouts and for life’s demands), and enjoy life more fully.  I know what you’re thinking. “I already work out to reduce stress and get clear-headed”.  Well yes, chemicals are released during workouts that do help with this, but meditation works differently.  It works your mental state at a deep level.  So for those of you, who have a hard time with the idea of sitting still or doing nothing, think of meditation as “working in”.  This way your mind can explain it as “work” and feel better!  Truth is during meditation A LOT of work is happening within:  excess stuck energy is released helping you focus your energy and feel more energetic during your workouts, you learn to disassociate yourself from your mind and broaden your perspective…resulting in better thinking through less thinking. 

For those of you who have taken Athletic Yoga at the studio this would be somewhat of an extension of our 10 minute relaxation but with a bit more technique.

You’ve been “Working Out”….Now let’s add “Working In” to your wellness routine! 

 In fitness & health!

Rachel & Mauro