The Secret to Achieving Your Goals

 Oftentimes efforts toward our goals prove to be short term….we lose focus, get distracted or pulled in multiple directions with busy lives and then it becomes difficult to re-engage.   What does it take to stand strong with unwavering firm resolve…to stay focused on our goals?

We all have “goals” (things we’d like to accomplish):  financial, career, weight management, relationships.  How solid and “self-standing” are they?  If you were to accomplish yours, would they bring you true enduring happiness? Would they improve the quality of your life…bring you closer to the ideal picture you have of yourself?  Consider taking a deeper look into what drives you.  What is it that brings meaning to your life or makes you feel fulfilled?  What enlivens you and makes you feel inexplicably and consistently at ease and energized?  Chances are, the answers to these questions will unveil your true goal(s)…something or things that are meaningful and purposeful to you. Oftentimes it’s something outside of yourself…. where you get to bring joy or support to someone else.  For example: “I want to lose weight so that I can be healthy and active for ???  You fill in the blank. Perhaps your kids?  Or?  So weight loss is no longer the goal, but the means toward health so that you can achieve your true goal. When fueled by purpose, it becomes easier to maintain unwavering resolve…and all of the “goals” you had originally set for yourself either get weeded out or become a means toward that end, and simply manifest with ease along the way. 

Ask yourself:  If I lose 10 lbs….if I get that promotion, will I truly be happy?  Will my life be better? Take a deeper look into what drives you by asking why…why will losing 10lbs or getting a promotion be a good thing?   

Naturally, we too have evolved slowly, through tons of soul searching on the path to figuring out what would bring us that unwavering resolve, purpose and inspiration.  Sharing our fitness philosophy is our means toward achieving our life goal: helping people take proactive control of their health holistically. 

You have helped us achieve our goal by being part of our experience.  Our hope is that in return we provide you a safe and supportive environment to ponder, evolve and achieve yours.  Consider Brookhaven Fitness your “lab” where you can strive toward being healthy and explore your limitless potential!

In fitness & health!

Rachel & Mauro

Excerpts from a few of your emails that keep us inspired and on track:

I look forward to another rocking week! My spirit has been lifted and for the first time I am starting to feel at home.

Your business is a true blessing!

Many thanks for your support.  I’m almost starting to believe I can accomplish my own weight / health / fitness goals now…

Everyone at BFS has been awesome in terms of support, encouragement and new ideas for switching things up with the workouts and with nutrition.”  

The class was GREAT!  I can see how you can tailor it to your strengths and add as you get stronger.

I got back in town last night! It’s funny how much I missed class! Thanks so much for what you are helping do! 

The class is really amazing – I feel so energized all day!