Resolve to Align (and not Compete) with Your Body!

Is health and fitness on your New Years resolution list?  If so, experiencing enduring RESULTS is the key to sustained motivation.  This sounds a bit backwards…doesn’t it?  We usually look for motivation in order to stay focused and work toward results.  The promise of quick results is usually motivating…The premise being that if we experience results quickly we remain motivated…at least until we plateau, regress and become discouraged.  

For this coming year, we’d like to offer up a different twist on things:  First: find the key to enduring results….results that last and you can not only see but also feel in your body, and this will be your key to sustained motivation as fitness becomes a lifestyle.  So in effect we’re suggesting that you consider prioritizing another key goal first:  Changing your perspective.…and from this all else will follow!

The key to enduring results is in learning how to work with and not against your body.  We tend to think that we can outsmart our body and get quick results not realizing that these results are never enduring because the techniques we use have us competing against our body. There is an “intelligence” that governs the body and this intelligence “processes” and responds to what we feed or do with the body, based on its unique nature.  If we begin to think of the body as an intelligent mechanism we can then pay attention to what it tells us and align rather than “compete” with it in order to achieve a desired result.  Here are a few examples of activities that are out of alignment with the body’s nature and will sabotage your New Years resolution:

  • 100 calorie snack bags….loaded with preservatives and sugar that reek havoc on your digestive system, causing inflammation and sending you into sugar spikes that will make you even hungrier for more sweets.  Body goes into starvation mode and stores more fat!  Not all ’100 calorie snacks’ are created equal!
  • Longer runs or several workouts per day….won’t get you anywhere fast.  Stick to shorter runs as your body will plateau, crave muscle confusion less pounding on the joints, as well as more functional movement to be at its best and work its way to your ideal weight.
  • Calorie gauges on treadmills and elliptical machines….they trick you into thinking that you can replenish the number of calories expended, and then you proceed to try and trick your body by eating more…
  • Those diet soft drinks….have artificial sweeteners that trick your mind into thinking it needs more sweets, and contain chemicals that create a strong acidic environment (breading ground for disease!).  The empty calories make the body think it is starving and in response it holds on to calories and converts them to fat to compensate.
  • Interested in learning more about how to stop competing and start aligning with your body? Here’s a hint:  ”Nature” – move the way nature intended and ingest foods closest to their natural state.  But don’t hesitate to reach out for more info on achieving enduring results! Our resolution for the New Year: to provide you with top notch Functional, Energizing and Nourishing programs for your fit and healthy lifestyles, along with the supportive environment and professional staff you’ve grown to enjoy and appreciate!Wishing you a beautiful holiday and a fit and healthy New Year!Rachel & Mauro