Foundational Premise 3:

What is Mind Muscle Training? It’s a very powerful and transformational program that teaches you how to focus your energy by learning how to manage your thoughts so that you can improve the quality of every aspect of your life: your health, your workouts, your productivity at work, your relationships and more. Our incremental approach provides the tools and the process for you to:

  1. recognize and ultimately improve your automatic responses to situations that don’t serve you

  2. manage your body’s energy toward efficient use…improving your health, clarity, creativity, motivation and perspective

Why would you want to do this? When you are able to better manage your energy and your emotional states, “results” in every aspect of your life become achievable and more permanent. So if you’ve been working out and eating right but not seeing results it is because your “mind muscle” is not in alignment with the rest of you. Your emotional state is such that your physical energy is being used inefficiently., your body cannot benefit from your workouts or healthy eating...you cannot "perform" optimally in any aspect of your life. Sometimes this lack of alignment is not obvious to us. On the other hand, you might be fully aware of and completely consumed by an emotional/mental state that is out of whack (e.g. - work is stressing you out). When this is the case, your body’s energy is also being consumed by this and you won’t have the clarity and energy to ensure top performance at work, your workouts or proper absorption of nutrients from your food. Moreover, an emotional/mental state in need of alignment will lead you to find solace in lethargy (lack of exercise), low motivation, and consumption of foods and other ingestibles that are bad for you ….ultimately leading to energy depletion and dis-ease.

How do we train the Mind Muscle? We lead you through “exercises” to raise your level of awareness by helping you recognize the quality and impact of your thoughts, and strengthen your connection with your body and the world (energy) around you.

PRIVATE "ONE ON ONE" OFFERING : Our custom-developed program is delivered to clients on a "one on one" basis (privately) and is designed to meet your specific needs by uncovering and clearing your specific unconscious emotional blockages in the energetic body ultimately creating “space” for qualitative physical and emotional changes and transformation.  Our customized program is 8 to 12 weeks in length and runs its course in accordance with the client's specific needs and progression.  The program consists of specific guided meditations to be practiced daily and weekly phone consultations for guidance, coaching and accountability.   Customized program includes:

  • Learning… the “how to” of meditation

  • Practicing… and developing this new habit of daily “mind-muscle training”

  • Clearing… recognizing & shifting out of emotional blockages impacting your physical and emotional health

  • Consultation… weekly feedback, specific guidance, interpretation, motivation and accountability

For additional information contact us at 678-362-3109 or email Schedule your initial consultaiton and baseline assessment. 

SELF-GUIDED ONLINE OFFERING:  Titled "ENERGY MANAGEMENT TRAINING, this version includes everything in the Private Offering described above, except the personalized weekly coaching phone consultations. Purchase here.

MEDITATION & MINDFULNESS FOR CORPORATE PERFORMANCE: We offer customized Mind-Muscle Training Programs focused on employee and corporate health and productivity. Our Mind-Muscle Training Introductory Workshop includes an approachable and dynamic presentation on the impacts of stress, how and why Mindfulness works - the science behind it, Mindfulness tools and techniques you can apply immediately after the initial workshop, a guided Active Meditation experience, an Employee Benchmark Assessment and results evaluation.
Our Mind-Muscle Training Employee/Corporate Wellness Program is a Customized Business Goal-Targeted Mindfulness 
Program for your organization.   View Descriptive Flyers: EMPLOYER      EMPLOYEE/PARTICIPANT 

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