To Kickbox or To Kettlebell?

To Kickbox or to Kettlebell?

Weight-Bearing Exercise Teams up with Cardio to Deliver Unprecedented Results!

Results from every research study deliver the same conclusion:

The key to results in exercise is to access your cardiovascular system, and as long as you’re doing mechanical work with muscle, then you are accessing the cardiovascular system. This “mechanical work” can take the form of conventional cardio or weight-bearing exercise, and they will both be effective as long as you “mix it up” (don’t overdue either), and do the work in High Intensity Intervals. Mixing it up is important because overuse of aerobic exercise can be counter-productive and stifle your efforts. Each time you perform the same exercise, particularly a cardio type exercise, you are becoming more fuel-efficient, burning less and less fat per mile or we could say…”getting more miles to the gallon”. The goal is to turn your body into a more fuel-efficient machine. In order to accomplish this we need to:

- Do work that accesses your cardiovascular system

- Maximize results with High Intensity Interval Training

- Change it up! Keep a well-rounded exercise regimen

- Eat right

High Intensity Intermittent Exercise engages fast twitch muscle fibers which is what is needed in order to have an effective aerobic workout, and can cut your workout time in half. When you consider a weight-bearing exercise form as the High Intensity Interval complement to an already cardio-intensive interval routine, you can experience incredible results….because when we momentarily and deeply fatigue the starting level of strength of a given muscle group it creates the stimulus needed to grow muscle. Lean muscle mass boosts your metabolic rate. The more lean muscle you have the more fat you burn. 30 minutes of Intense Intermittent exercise with weight and you keep burning fat for the rest of the day! The Kettlebell progarm at Brookhaven Fitness is a perfect example of high intensity weight-bearing exercise. 

So if the burning question for you has been: Kickboxing or Kettlebell? Here’s the answer: BOTH!

Do both and eat right, and watch the way you look, and even more importantly: the way you feel, improve dramatically!!!