Getting Stronger?


Getting Stronger?

Our studio is your laboratory.  Here you experiment with techniques to make your body a better performing machine.  Our quality programs, caring and talented instructors and personal trainers ensure a healthy approach.  We work you to challenge but not to failure, and we honor and respect the remarkable piece of machinery that our bodies are.

Are you getting stronger?  Holding a TRX plank with good form for a longer period of time?  Lifting a higher-weighted Kettlebell?  Doing things you didn’t think you had in you?  Perhaps even going further  as your body becomes your personal laboratory to discover the inner strength you can leverage in other areas of your life and in effect transform yourself!

Enjoy this great article provided by our own Kettlebell Trainer Marc Fine, on building physical strength and the key elements we embrace in our Kettlebell training (and our other studio classes as well) which make our programs so effective.