Functional Exercise

Foundational Premise 1:

Our bodies are intelligent and interconnected networks. The spine (housing the central nervous system), is the point of convergence for everything.

What is Functional Training? Functional Training is exercise that conditions the body for “functioning” (performing) at its best. This type of exercise emphasizes building strength and flexibility throughout the core, strength and flexibility of larger muscle groups that support the spine, movement of the spine in all planes of motion (front/back, side/side and rotational) and compound exercises that work several muscle groups simultaneously.

Why would you want to do this? Functional Exercises ensure spinal health and balanced utilization of energy. A healthy spine means that nutrients can flow to your organs effectively, and mental messaging can make it through your neural pathways to any part of the body needed in order to effectively condition muscles, avoid injury and ensure vital longevity. Because Functional exercise principles and techniques are in in alignment with the natural flow of energy throughout the body, they efficiently produce optimal results for the body, improve health and lower risk of injury.

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How do we do Functional Training? Our Personal Trainers are specialized to develop a highly effective Personal Program for you with the modality that best suits your specific needs:  Traditional Functional Exercise, Private Qigong, Kettlebell  or Yoga.  The practice or combination of practices that is most condusive for you will help you achieve the following: 

  1. Strengthen and Condition the Body
    Traditional Functional (utilizing TRX, Free Weights, Stability Balls, and more) or Kettlebell Training  

  2. Lengthen, Create Openess, Replenish & Heal the Body
    Yoga - Qigong

Functional Exercise Personal Training sessions are hosted conveniently at your home and at a time/day that is convenient for you.  


Personal Training and Small Group Personalized Training.

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