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Corporate Mind Muscle Training

Meditation & Mindfulness for Corporate Performance


      Corporate Leaders are building success  

   by bringing Mind Muscle Training 

    to their workforce.



In today’s fast-paced world where we all have multiple demands of our time, taking   time-out to recharge and refresh our minds is crucial to overall well-being. A healthy, positive state of mind is the foundation for success both inside and outside of the   workplace. Rachel’s session brought team members desks ready to  meet the   afternoon with a renewed sense of calm and focus to tackle these demands.   Kim Cleary - Manager Community Pharmacy, Relay Health (McKesson)

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Research has shown that Mindfulness and Meditation Training has a significant impact on stress in the work environment.  Progressive companies engaged in these programs are reaping the rewards of a healthier workforce, lower absenteeism and reduced health insurance claims.

Our Corporate Mind-Muscle Training takes this a step further by developing corporate goal-specific programming to meet your organizational challenges and help your staff become:

Creative in Problem-Solving

Focused and Skillfully

Responsive in Execution

Aspirational in Decision-Making

Collaborative and Caring

Efficient and Productive within 8 Hour Workdays

Corporate Mind-Muscle Training includes Mindfulness workshops and programs delivered to employees at their worksite. It provides powerful tools and techniques to help employees manage stress and improve work performance while enhancing their emotional and physical wellbeing. Corporate Mind Muscle Training also becomes a valuable component of a compensation package, helping your company attract great talent into its workforce.

How do we train the "Mind Muscle"? Our programs lead employees step by step with exercises to learn how to recognize and garner control of the mind and automatic emotional responses to stress. We come to your worksite and host an Introductory Workshop, we then develop a Mind-Muscle Training Corporatate Program for you delivered via weekly 60 minute worksite sessions.

Our Introductory Mind-Muscle Training Workshop is approachable, engaging and is the perfect starting point for a customized corporate program.  It also works well as a standalone deliverable for special events, Employee Appreciation weeks, etc...  It includes:

  • Understanding of Stress and it's impacts
  • Understanding of Mindfulness, the science behind it, and how and why it works
  • Business challenge targeted Mindfulness tools and techniques employees can apply immediately
  • An Active Guided Meditation experience
  • An Employee Benchmark Assessment and results evaluation.

Our Mind-Muscle Training Employee/Corporate Wellness Program includes: Customized business goal-targeted program design and worksite program delivery of Mindfulness Tools and Meditation Training

Qonscious Fit Corporate Mind Muscle Training delivers:

  • A customized program that drills down to the specific needs and challenges of your company and its employees
  • Benchmarking and assessment tools to quantify success
  • A program developed by meditation coaches with corporate management-level experience/deep understanding of the challenges of corporate life
  • Science-based and non-sectarian program content and approach      



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Rachel Moncayo invites her audiences and clients to explore the power of Mindfulness as a tool to manage stress, improve health and quality of life.  Her workshops and programs deliver valuable content in 'easy to understand' terms, with approachable and dynamic engagement, real life scenarios and hands on practice using Mindfulness to transform the stress response.  Corporate client employees from companies including Cox Communications, McKesson, Relay Health, Vertafore,  Halyard Health and others from a variety of industries have experienced her beginners workshops, leaving intrigued, motivated and armed with practical tools to apply immediately, positively impacting their lives and their business cultures.  Rachel maintains 30 years of Mindfulness Meditation and holistic fitness education and practice.  She is the driving force behind her company: Qonscious Fit, creator of the Move-Nourish-Mind® wellness concept and Mind-Muscle Training.  Rachel leads the Mindfulness program component of Qonscious Fit, sharing deep understanding of mindfulness technique and her own proven methods when leading customized Mindfulness programs for individuals and corporate work-site employee mindfulness workshop and programs.

She is MBSR (Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction) trained, a graduate of Karin Kabbalah Process of Awakening Mindfulness Path-Working Program, Dr. Joe Dispenza Encephalon Intensive Mindfulness Program and Progressive Meditation Program. She is an RYT certified Yoga Instructor and Reiki Level 1 certified.