Chamblee Conscious Fitnes

At Brookhaven Fitness Studio we practice “Conscious Fitness”:  an approach to fitness that addresses the whole body. We are neither a gym nor a wellness center. We are easily accessible to Chamblee and offer Functional Exercise, Nutrition and Meditation.

MOBILITY EXERCISE….Our Personal Training and Group Fitness classes offer Chamblee residents a balanced mix of Rigorous Functional practices: Kickboxing, TRX, Kettlebell Training, Cardio-Strength side by side with Energizing and replenishing practices: Yoga and Qigong.

NUTRITION…Our program is customized to suit the nuances of your stage in life and how YOU specifically break down food for fuel. For these reasons our Chamblee clients have achieved amazing success with it.

MEDITATION…Our Mind-Muscle Training Program teaches you how to use your mind to stimulate better overall health (rather than letting your emotions and life’s stressors get the best of you!)

We are a professional yet unassuming environment where Chamblee members feel supported and encouraged and enjoy each other’s company. Also, many of our programs can be delivered off site and at remote locations.

We are conveniently located near Chamblee, so schedule your complimentary Conscious Lifestyle Assessment today to learn more about how your body works, begin your path to self-awareness and gain valuable tools to improve your health immediately!