Cardio Strength

Cardio Strength



Cardio-Strength training delivers a balanced blend of cardio-conditioning and strength training through a variety of strategically-paced exercises that is sure to keep you entertained while getting you into great shape. In our group class setting, instructors will apply progressive techniques such as plyometric and compound moves and incorporate body weight, stability balls, free weights, medicine balls, Bosu balls, resistance bands and more to ensure a highly effective well-rounded workout. Cardio-Strength training is ideal for all levels of fitness ability. Modification for exercises are provided as needed.

Our Personal Trainers also use Cardio-Strength functional principles as part of client-customized programing.

Benefits of Cardio-Strength:

  • Cardio-Conditioning exercise increases endurance
  • Cardio exercises regulate mood and decrease stress
  • Strength training helps improve muscle mechanics
  • Strength training increases bone-density and decreases the likelihood of osteoporosis
  • Strength & Cardio training improve overall fitness levels and facilitate weight management and fat loss

Functional Class:

Our cardio strength training incorporates exercises involving multi-joint, multi-function work and rotational movements that create strength and stability throughout the body and especially throughout the core.