Buckhead Conscious Fitness

At Brookhaven Fitness Studio we teach Fitness as a Lifestyle: guiding clients along their process of health transformation. We are just a few miles away from Buckhead and create customized packages for clients combining elements of Functional Exercise, Diet and Mind-Muscle Training.

FUNCTIONAL EXERCISE….Offering Buckhead residents both One on One and a variety of Group Fitness exercise classes, we meet the body’s demand for muscle-confusion and the mind’s demand for variety. We offer rigorous functional exercise programs in Kickboxing, TRX, Kettlebell Training, Cardio-Strength side by side with Energizing and replenishing practices: Yoga and Qigong.

DIET…Our Nutrition program takes you through a discovery process to determine your own body’s needs. When this happens, the body responds with ease and energy. This level of customization has resulted in our program meeting with much success among our Buckhead clients.

MIND-MUSCLE TRAINING…Meditation at Brookhaven Fitness is about much more than just stress release. Our program teaches you how to notice your mental and emotional state and make changes to produce long term positive health impacts.

Our inviting and relationship-driven environment has our Buckhead clientele feeling motivated and empowered to take charge of their health and fitness. Can’t make it to us from Buckhead cause your time is limited? You can still take advantage of our Nutrition and Meditation programs which can be delivered to you even if you’re not at the studio.

We are easily accessible from Buckhead, so schedule your complimentary Conscious Fitness Evaluation and Consultation today to learn more about how we can support your health and fitness goals