On Being Self-CENTERED

Living in Balance + Working Out in Balance = Fitness

Do you make every effort to give to others?  Or even without much effort, find yourself pulled in many directions (family, work, etc…) and always prioritizing others?  Offering your time, help, and attention to others is a necessary part of feeling happy and fulfilled as a person.  It is a key component of becoming our best selves. If however, this is the only route we take toward self-fulfillment we risk walking a treadmill. It’s important to balance out “giving” with “receiving”….make time to do things that are good for you and focus specifically on you.

For most of us, it may take some re-wiring to be mindful of this (realizing that personal time is not selfish or insignificant), and some good planning to balance our time which is usually in high demand. In time, you will find that giving yourself permission to be self-centered will pay off on many levels, and those around you will experience your best self too!Balancing our energy expenditure between ourselves and others…maintaining high levels of fuel in our “tank” so that we can expend it efficiently and qualitatively, takes effort but is a worthwhile investment in long term health. 

Perhaps you consider your workout time “you time”.  If so, and if you’ve managed to make time for it, that is fantastic!  But realize that even in the workout arena the same principle of balancing energy applies.  We lead busy hectic lives and struggle to find time for it all, frequently seeking out or falling into the simplest often “single focused” approaches to things which tend to leave areas un-addressed, creating gaps/holes that ultimately keep us from achieving our fitness goals.  Finding the energetic balance in your fitness routine, by integrating rigorous functional training programs (Kickboxing, Kettlebell Training, TRX) with Nourishing Healing Arts programs (Qigong, Yoga)…balancing physical energy depletion and replenishment helps us address the body as a whole and in balance, making your fitness routine truly effective toward achieving long term health.

Rachel Moncayo

Brookhaven Fitness Studio