Fitness Articles

Is health and fitness on your New Years resolution list?  If so, experiencing enduring RESULTS is the key to sustained motivation.  This sounds a bit backwards…doesn’t it?

 Oftentimes efforts toward our goals prove to be short term….we lose focus, get distracted or pulled in multiple directions with busy lives and then it becomes difficult to re-engage.   What does

Just Breathe….You’ve heard it before: there are so many health benefits to effective breathing.  The breath can help:

Revitalize your body and your energy levels

Improve your immune response

Reduce stress and anxiety

Many of us at some   point or another have gone on a “diet”: a regimen for how,   what and when to eat.  The term “diet” seems to have   acquired a negative connotation…one that immediately is associated with limitation   and restriction.When we   approach eating and the food choices we make base

Qigong boosts muscle and strength, yet amazingly lowers cortisol.  Learn more about this 5000 year old energy art and its recent surge in popularity for strengthening and improving health.  Qigong

Having a hard time staying focused on a fitness routine?  You are not alone!  A huge percentage of people embrace a new exercise programs with their best intentions at heart, and then they drop out of it within the first 6 months.

Hope you have been enjoying the summer!  Many of you may have taken the opportunity to go on vacation, enjoy family time and more.