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Athletic Yoga Training

Athletic Yoga training is the perfect hybrid of traditional Yoga practice with conventional Western exercise for those who want to enjoy the benefits of Yoga in an all-level accessible yet challenging setting. This training includes a calculated mix of strength, balance and flexibility work with a strong emphasis on breath work and replenishing relaxation. A definitive prescription for: better health and improved every day function for everyone, and enhanced performance for the athlete.

Beginners welcome and encouraged. Group class and Personal Training available. A 30 minute introductory private session is available for those interested in trying yoga but wanting to learn the basics before committing to Personal Training or attending a group setting. Studio Members – Complimentary Non-Members - $30 Inquire/Schedule Intro Session

Benefits of Athletic Yoga:

  • Build strength, increase flexibility and focus
  • Detoxify organs
  • Improve spinal health
  • Oxygenates organs
  • Release stress and tension
  • Promotes better execution and results in other fitness and athletic endeavors as a result of enhanced spinal mobility and breath work

Functional & Energizing:

Yoga practice involves movement and breath that create space inside the body to replenish energy, detoxify and achieve toning, improve circulation, flexibility, and balance.  These benefits replenish the depletion incurred during more rigorous Functional training practices, raise energy, improve clarity and as a result help avoid injury and improve every day movement and athletic performance.

Summary of whole body benefits of Yoga – in plain English!