About Us

Move -Nourish-Mind® is what we do, how we lead our vibrant lives and what we now share with you.  Move-Nourish-Mind® is a customized program including elements of Functional Exercise, Nutrition and Mental/Emotional Balance practices.  It is designed for you or your corporate setting and based on your specific requirements, lifestyle and current state of health and fitness.  Our clients see results, embrace a healthy lifestyle and become empowered because our program targets their specific needs and address their bodies holisticallyand powerfully with our systemized approach and delivery which collaboratively engages and synergizes these 3 key areas. 

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Our formula emerges from 30 years of personal exploration and study, personal health challenges we have overcome, corporate experience and the lifestyle we have built for ourselves, and are grateful for every day.  We think of Move-Nourish-Mind® as Conscious Fitness:  we train our minds, use their power to help nourish and train our bodies and we cut ourselves just enough of a break to enjoy the good things in life…it’s a strategy that allows us to take control and create a lifestyle of quality and balance.  

Our approach to fitness is based on these foundational premises:

  1. Our bodies are intelligent and interconnected networks. The spine (housing the central nervous system), is the point of convergence for everything
  2. The only way to achieve enduring and transformational health and fitness is to combine Strategic Movement, Intentional Nourishment and Mindfulness practices
  3. Your “Mind Muscle” connection is the key source and main influencer, and therefore plays a critical role in your ability to obtain your fitness goals as well as positive results in all areas of your life

We begin our work with you by assessing current state, prioritizing areas of critical need/focus and creating a program for you or your company.  We will deliver a program focused on achieving your goals, provide you wtih tons of knowledge, direction and support, and benchmarking tools to determine progress.  

In Fitness & Health,

Rachel & Mauro

Rachel Moncayo is the driving force behind: Qonscious Fit, co-creator of the Move-Nourish-Mind® wellness concept and Mind-Muscle Training.  Rachel leads the Mindfulness program component of Qonscious Fit, sharing deep understanding of mindfulness technique and her own proven methods when leading customized Mindfulness programs for individuals and corporate work-site employee mindfulness workshop and programs. She maintains 30 years of holistic fitness & Mindfulness lifestyle education and practice.  She is an RYT certified Yoga Instructor,  Reiki Level 1 certified, TRX Certified, graduate of Karin Kabalah Process of Awakening Mindfulness Path-Working Program and Dr. Joe Dispenza Encephalon Intensive and Progressive Meditation Workshops, as well as an avid student of numerous Personal Development traditions and techniques.  She incorporates deep understanding of stress, functional exercise, anatomy,  energy flow and conscious and unconscious mindfulness techniques into her dynamic and engaging corporate mindfulness training programs, private mind-muscle training engagements and private Yoga engagements, workshops and articles, bringing many students to better health, quality of life, and a deeper understanding of the synergies between Movement, Nourishment and Mindfulness.